A pandemic stalks the streets. Looting and rioting decimate the cities. Store shelves sit empty as citizens hoard supplies and water. Nations seethe in unrest.

The year? 2020. Recent events have rocked our planet, created palpable anxiety, and fueled new hunger to understand the coming Apocalypse as revealed in the Bible.

Blood Falls weaves Revelation prophecies and rich settings into a fast-paced novel of the Tribulation. When research scientist Darren Imgalrea is found beheaded at the base of Blood Falls in Antarctica, Major Adriana “Jack” Caldas is given the distasteful task of securing the scene for the authorities. She is soon joined by two FBI agents, and it becomes evident something is amiss in the investigation.

On the other side of the world, a firebrand has risen to lead Europe out of a series of disasters. From Brussels and his royal palace on the Temple Mount, Aemilius Fio DeMatteo plots to raise his own Star of Bethlehem over the nations.

Spanning the Frozen Continent to the Lost City, Blood Falls will entertain, inspire, and challenge today’s reader.