An excerpt from Song in the Night:

The spasms initially began as Kevin’s body came out of spinal cord shock. At first, it led to some humorous incidents…We were amazed that he could laugh at things like this, and realized that his light outlook on life was the glue that kept his soul together, as well as ours.

Later, after the move to the ILA (Independent Living Apartment) and as the spasms increased their toll on him, his spirits waned. When a spasm hit, we could not hold it back because that would injure him. So we could only try to protect his flailing limbs as much as possible from hitting the bed rails or taking apart the tubing. 

One day, after being wracked by a particularly hard spasm, Kevin looked down at his body, thin limbs thrown awkwardly askew, and just wept brokenheartedly. Tears streamed unashamed down his face.

“Look at my body,” he cried out in anguish. “It’s so broken.”

I was already crying, but his words caught my breath. I hadn’t anticipated this: a stirring in my spirit alongside the ordinary and expected grief for our suffering son.

Then I saw it. I will never forget the picture: Before me, a perfectly working Head wept in anguish as He saw the brokenness of His poor Body. In Kevin’s words, I saw how our dysfunction wounds God. In his tears, I heard the cry of God for His people.

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