You are Invited

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If you’re reading this today, you’re alive.

Maybe you don’t feel that way.  Instead, you’re barely holding on. You feel numb, unworthy of God’s love.

It’s especially easy to feel that way if you’re one of the thousands of people suffering from chronic disease or devastating injury. Perhaps you’re one of the millions of people who care for them. Either way, you’ve forgotten what it’s like to have what most would call a “normal” life.

Boy, have I been there.

Our son’s spinal cord injury in 1997 plunged him into the world of disability and dumped me into the world of caregiving. I quickly learned that the fight for life is as primal as it gets.

It’s a lonely trip. It’s an honor. It’s a tightrope walk between the two stretched over a chasm of uncertainty.

Today I’ve served more than two decades as a caregiver. Every step of the journey, God has held us, even when I didn’t know He was there. His comfort has been the golden oil sustaining me through every trial. He has taught me to relish each day I can breathe and think and worship my Creator.

Rejoicing in the Lord always.

Trusting in a faithful Father for tomorrow.

Life is a gift, an invitation to a very special party. Let’s treasure what we have this moment and believe God will keep eternity safe for us, for the day when the lame walk and God dries our tear-stained faces.

That day’s coming. Until then, we will conquer whatever comes, together. No matter what you’re going through right now, you can be assured you are never, ever alone. You’re important to God, and you’re important to me.

You’re alive. You’re safe. You’re precious in His sight. 

That’s worth singing about. Come on, join the celebration!

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  1. Debbie Dillon

    Amen! LOVE this post. Life is absolutely a gift and to choose not to live it dishonors the Giver of life. He is SO good and I firmly believe that if you’re still here, there’s still work to be done.
    So happy to be a new subscriber!
    Be blessed,

    • PamThorson

      Thanks for the comment, Debbie. You are so right; if we’re breathing, there is work to be done! I’m glad to meet you.



    • Diane V.L. Mertz

      I haven’t even read this yet! I came first to the comments! Yours really, really blessed me, Debbie! This is what I needed to hear! Thank you! God Bless You!!

    • PamThorson

      Thanks, Carol! It’s been the faithful prayers and encouragement of friends like you who have held us up through the hard days. Blessings!

  2. Rose Chandler Johnson

    Pam, this is a beautiful message. So full of heart! and truth. God is so good and He loves us so much. We have to cling to His promises no matter what comes. May God give us eyes to see as He does–eternal perspective. And take His promises and His peace. Blessings to you and yours. May He pour out His grace on you and your family.

    • PamThorson

      Thank you, Rose. The encouragement is much appreciated. This message has come out of a place of deep heartache, as God’s messages usually do. May He always gives us His eyes, ears, and heart to live fully for Him – no matter what circumstances we endure. God’s blessing on your service to Him as well!

  3. Jeralyn

    I needed to hear your words today, Pam. I am an only child/care-giver for my father…and have been for most of my adult life. Some days I desperately hold on to a semblance of a “normal” life. Thanks for the encouragement and the reminder that care-giving is an honor.

    • PamThorson

      I’m so glad you’re here, Jeralyn. We all need each other. God bless you for your dedication to your father. I would be honored if you would accept a signed copy of my newest book, Out from the Shadows: 31 Devotions for Weary Caregivers, as my gift to you when it is released in March. You can send your snail mail address to me at Please stay in touch.


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