Do you know a very special family who personifies the word “unstoppable?” One who has taken on the challenge of disability or chronic disease and turned it into a victory dance?

Living in the shadows of our fast-paced and shallow society, they traverse this earth with special hurdles to overcome. Some were born with these challenges. Others suffered life-changing injuries or fight a devastating medical prognosis. Their stories are as unique as the trials they face.

But they have one thing in common: They refuse to be defined by their diagnoses.

For them and those who love them, life itself is a special gift. For them, any day with less pain, a good report from a medical provider, or a visit from a loved one, is a day to celebrate. Each setback survived, every loss restored, is a victory. Gratitude bathes the simple accomplishments in joy.

These are the truly successful people in the world. They are the Unstoppable.

This series is dedicated to them. Be sure to check out the Unstoppable posts spotlighting them and their families.